floral rendezvous
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splendid floral experience at friendly pricing


about us

from encounter to engagement

floral rendezvous is owned and run by Amber, who aims to provide customers with splendid floral experience at friendly pricing

Amber started her floral journey after an encounter with a local floral-stall on the second day of CNY, 2011

Over the years Amber acquired her floral knowledge and skills from several teachers, while she particularly focuses on Ikebena Sogetsu

Since 2014, Amber started sharing her floral pieces at a FB page "Rencontres Floraux", meaning floral encounters, gradually, encounter progressed into engagement, "floral rendezvous” was born in early 2019

Prior to commencement of floral rendezvous, Amber was in investment compliance



a little more than a florist

also a startup who aims to play part in improving the ecology of floral business in Hong Kong - while floral products sometimes be perceived over-priced or under quality, or coinciding both

we endeavour to let customers enjoy the blooms that are fresh, classy and valuable for how much they are priced

prices of our floral gifts are approximately 15-20% lower than the market in general (with similar materials) - please check out our collection of “spoils”